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Tool Free
Simple but Practical
Since ORICO introduced the advanced storage concept-Tool Free into China in 2009, the formation of storage we want is no longer a difficult task. Now, you only need to spend about 3 seconds in quickly transferring data from the hard drives in different devices or from SSD, which will greatly simplify trivial workflow.
High Performance
Can you satisfy the extreme speed demand? Forming a SSD mobile hard drive to help you quickly backup, write or edit the RAW image, 4K, 3D imaging, HiFi audio material.
Rational Utilization
Reusing the Idle 2.5 inch hard drive or others accidentally damaged by your computer, helping retrieve important data, including study documents HD movies, lossless music, photos, work documents and be used again.
Higher Speed, Less Wait
When we transfer or backup files, the speed is very important. We have upgraded all storage products line with SATA3.0 port. In addition to doubling the SATA bandwidth, UASP technology can enhance the speed by 20% and significantly reduce CPU usage, uniting USB3.1 solution providers to promote the development of superspeed storage field. USB3.1 hard drive enclosure (ORICO MSA-UC3) matching with USB3.1 expansion card (ORICO PA31-AC) and subsequent array will bring you more amazing transfer experience.
Media Compatibility
Among the many storage solutions, picking stable master plan is an assurance to provide revolutionary PC, Mac®, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, highly intelligent television and other medias with high compatibility, capacity, speed, mobility and reliability. ORICO builds a extensive cooperation relationship with world-renowned storage solution providers, adapting to your needs to ensure performance and comprehensive data security.
USB3.1 and Type-C
USB3.1 not only is the new form of the host in the future, its universality also makes your hard drive be connected to any PC and the new 12 inch Macbook computer.
The Next Generation of Computer With USB-C Interface
No up / down or left / right direction would mean connecting USB-C cable without any errors.
Any computer / Mac® with the Type-C interface
Using the included USB-C interface to connect any existing computer with the hard driver enclosure
Fast Transfer Speed
Using the speed of 10Gb/s , you can quickly drag and drop files and perform the backup.
Media Remarks(in random order)
Storage stability decides data security of the hard drive. In addition to the choice of hard drives, DIY storage users requirements for external devices is also rising. Based on the original design, ORICO launched 2588US3 2.5 inch hard drive enclosure with ultra-thin portable appearance, and USB3.0 SuperSpeed transfer. if coupled with the low price of 59 yuan, it is bound to set off a wave of DIY storage
If you are a DIY expert, you can undoubtedly get super hard drive enclosure performance experience by selecting the 2588US hard drive enclosure whose price is only 49 yuan, and the high-performance SSD. If you are a regular user or do not want to be too frustrating, you can choose the ORICO SDK25-U31T mobile suit with the price of 468 yuan, who has well balanced performance and capacity and is the perfect choice for mobile users.
Features matching, such as, you often use SSD as a storage module, thus, you need to consider the SATA 6Gbps-USB 3.0 5Gbps master plan. The price gap between ORICO 2588US3 and ORICO 2599US3 is about 10 yuan. Besides, ORICO 2599US3 only supports SATA 3Gbps-USB 3.0 5Gbps, while ORICO 2588US3 supports SATA 6Gbps-USB 3.0 5Gbps. The users can choose anyone according to their demand.
ORICO 2598C3 is ORICO's first hard drive enclosure with USB Type-C interface. In appearance, ORICO 2598C3 uses personalized notepad appearance, aluminum housing, anode blasting process and creates better grip feel. In data cable, because Type-C interface does not limit the pros and cons, you can have excellent insertion experience, while you can also have a good experience in aspect of reading and writing data. Experiencing ORICO's concept-EASY YOUR PC by this product, it is a worthy purchasing hard drive enclosure.
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